Why does my 2 stroke engine only run on choke?

Why does my motor only run with the choke on?

An engine that will fire and run with the choke closed but dies when the choke is opened likely has debris at least partially blocking the fuel passages in the carburetor. In this condition the closed choke provides enough extra fuel to enter the engine to overcome the lack of fuel flowing through the other passages.

Is it bad to run a 2 stroke with choke on?

When you turn the choke on for a carburetor, it is creating a rich condition. … So, when your bike only runs on choke, it is because the “rich” mixture that is being burned is actually closer to the appropriate mixture. Then, when you turn the choke off, it becomes much too lean and will not run.

Why won’t my bike run with choke off?

The main reason why your motorcycle is not running without the choke on is because the engine is not getting the right air-fuel mixture for its intake. For air flow problems, check your air filter. Most likely, it is clogged or there is too much dirt on it.

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Is it bad to run an engine with the choke on?

Leaving the choke on while operating will result in excessive fuel consumption, irregular engine power performance and eventually may even damage the engine.

Why does my small engine only run on half choke?

When a two-stroke only runs on half choke it is usually the result of a dirty fuel cap, a leaking gasket, a clogged carburetor, or a gunky passageway. In rare cases, it could be the result of a crack somewhere on the engine. You can fix these problems by cleaning the carburetor, removing the fuel, and adding new gas.

Why does my dirtbike only run on choke?

If a motorcycle or ATV only runs with the choke on, it’s because the richer “choke on” mixture is actually closer to the engine’s normal operating fuel mixture than the leaner “choke off” mixture. So when the choke is turned off, the engine gets too little fuel and too much air for it to run and it stalls.

Why do I have to use choke a warm engine?

In a petrol/Gasoline Engines, we have carburetor that supplies an Air-Fuel mixture to the Engine. At cold temperature, fuel vaporizes very slowly. Thus we need a rich Air-Fuel ratio ( More Fuel than Air). That is why need choke.

Why does my motorcycle shut off when I give it gas?

As the air filter cleans the air entering the carburetor, it will eventually become dirty or clogged and may prevent the proper amount of air from mixing with the fuel, causing your engine to stall.

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Should a motorcycle start without choke?

the choke usually restricts air into the engine, raising the fuel to air mix to help the engine start. if you have cleaned out the carbs and it now starts without any choke, it would suggest that the fuel is being let into the engine at a higher rate.

What does the pilot jet do in a carburetor?

The pilot jet handles the mixture from idle to 15 to 20 percent throttle. Air comes in through the front of the carburetor drawing fuel up through the pilot with a vacuum that is created as the air flows through the pilot circuit.

What position should the choke be in?

The choke is located before the throttle, and manages the total amount of air going into the engine. The choke is only used when starting a cold engine. When doing a cold start, the choke should be closed to limit the amount of air going in.