Should I leave my windshield wipers up?

When should you leave your windshield wipers up?

So Which Is Correct? Several wiper manufacturers recommend lifting the wiper blades up before things get icy, to protect the rubber blade, and the American Automobile Association (AAA) claims that leaving wipers up does not weaken the springs.

Why would someone raise my windshield wipers?

With each passing winter, more and more drivers are flipping up their wiper arms when the weatherman calls for freezing weather. The thought is simple; lifting the wiper blades from the windshield will prevent them from freezing to the glass during freezing weather conditions.

What does it mean when someone puts a dollar under your windshield wiper?

The money is placed under the windshield by potential thieves. When the driver starts the car, notices the money, and steps out of their vehicle to retrieve the money, the thieves wait nearby to take control of the vehicle.

Can a penny break a window?

, Owned Thousands of Cars, Trucks, and Bikes. A penny, dropped from an overpass can not only crack a windshield, it could possibly penetrate the windshield and injure, or kill a person riding in the vehicle. Though it is unlikely due to the type of materials that today’s windshields are comprised of.

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What does it mean when someone leaves money on your car?

Law enforcement officials say an urban legend might actually be happening. Criminals are apparently leaving $100 bills on the windshields of cars in Maryland. When shoppers get into their vehicles, they notice money, and hop out to grab the cash. That’s when the thieves strike, hopping into the car and driving off.

Can a bird break your windshield?

A head-on collision can result in extensive damage to the windshield, often shattering it. Minor accidents such as hitting a bird, an animal or a ball can also cause small cracks or chips to appear.

Can a bird shatter a windscreen?

Birds are defending their territory … from their own reflections. Fearlessly, they swoop in to attack what they perceive as a predator, only to shatter your window in the process.

Can a bird break your windscreen?

Birds have the open sky to enjoy, but sometimes they get a little low for comfort. The strength of a bird’s beak or talon can easily create a crack in the windshield. Sometimes a bird may go so deep into a windshield that they end up getting stuck.