Your question: When the air gap is smaller in induction motor then its?

Why the air gap should be as small as possible?

The purpose of air gap is to allow relative motion between stator and rotor. So it should be as small as possible. A large air gap demands more field ampere turns to produce a given flux in the air gap. So the size of the machine will increase.

What is the air gap in induction motor?

The air gap of a motor is the gap between the stator teeth or core and the rotor magnets. This gap is a key component in the motor design, and affects the overall strength of the magnetic circuit and motor efficiency.

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How does increase in air gap affect the design of the motor?

The larger the air gap of the motorized spindle, the air flow rate of the air gap position is slower, the cooling effect is worse, resulting in a higher rise of temperature of stator and rotor.

Why does the air gap between stator and rotor of induction motor keep small Mcq?

Consequently, an induction motor draws a large magnetizing current (Im) to produce the required flux in the air-gap. That is why the small air-gap is preferred for the induction motor which helps to reduce the magnetizing current.

Why is the air gap between stator core and rotor of an induction motor is made as small as possible?

It requires electrical current to drive magnetic flux from the stator to the rotor across the air gap. The bigger the gap, the more magnetizing current is required. A smaller gap means less magnetizing current, less loss, less heating.

What is the purpose of air gap in magnetic circuit?

One of main reasons for an Air Gap is to increase the reluctance of the magnetic circuit. The amount of air or another non-magnetic material like a fibre plate or fibre board increases the reluctance of the circuit, thereby increasing the amount of current that we could put in a coil before we reach saturation.

What happens if the air gap length of induction motor is doubled?

What happens if the air gap length is doubled? If the air gap of an induction motor is doubled then the mmf and magnetizing current approximately doubles. Also increase in air gap length increases the overload capacity, offers better cooling, reduces noise and reduces unbalanced magnetic pull.

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How do I find my air gap power?

Calculation of Air Gap Power

From the above expression, it is clear that per phase rotor power input is equal to I22(r2/s) as reactance x2 do not consume any power. Pg is the power transferred from stator to the rotor across the air gap. Therefore it is called the Air Gap Power.

What happens if the air gap of an induction motor is made twice its original value?

What happens if the air gap of an induction motor is made twice its original value? In an induction motor, the air gap requires large mmf when compared to rest of the magnetic circuit. Hence, if the air gap of an induction motor is doubled, then the mmf and magnetizing current approximately double.

In what way the air gap affect the performance of Lim?

On a moving LIM, the change of an air-gap (it occurs by a construction tolerance of a secondary reaction plate) can lead to decrease a smoother ride and efficiency of the railway transit system. Therefore, a uniform air-gap operation of the LIM is important issue to improve the system efficiency.

What happens to the value of synchronous reactance if air gap is increased?

Synchronizing power is inversely proportional to the synchronous reactance Xs. Therefore with increase in air gap length, the synchronous reactance decreases and hence synchronizing power increases.

How would an air gap in magnetic path affect the performance of the transformer?

In the case of a transformer or inductor, the air gap only reduces the slope of the B/H loop, reducing permeability and inductance, and hence increasing the magnetizing current in the primary. Remember that magnetizing current flows in the primary — even if the secondary is open circuit.

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Why air gap is left between stator and rotor in electro mechanical machines?

In electro-mechanical conversion devices (e.g. motors and generators), a small air gap is left between the rotor and stator inorder to …, complete the magnetic path. (B) decrease the reluctance of magnetic path. permit mechanical clearance.

What happens when there is a large air gap between the rotor and stator?

The longer air gap thickness between the motor stator and the rotor, the more cooling liquid flowing through the air gap, which results the heat exchange becomes better between the motor and the cooling liquid and the temperature rise of the motor is lower.

When the air gap between stator and rotor of a synchronous motor need to check?

For the designed AFWR synchronous generator, the proper air gap must still be determined. For small PM synchronous motors, the air gap (mechanical clearance) between the stator core and rotor poles or pole shoes should be 0.3 to 1.0 mm [6,8], and can even reach 1.5 mm [9].