Will a JK bumper fit a YJ?

Will a JK rear bumper fit on a TJ?

Short answer is No. Jk bumpers mount to the front of the frame, and TJ bumpers mount to the top and bottom.

Will a TJ rear bumper fit on a YJ?

yup it will fit.

What’s the difference between a YJ and a JK Jeep?

If you’ve ever asked “What does JK mean on a Jeep?” the most obvious way to know a Jeep Wrangler’s models is by the different year ranges. Jeep Wrangler YJs were manufactured between 1987-1995, Jeep Wrangler TJ’s were manufactured between 1997-2006, and Jeep Wrangler JKs were manufactured from 2007 to present.

Will a Jku bumper fit a Jku?

Will the JL bumper fit the JK? Yes, it will.

Will a JK bumper fit on a KJ?

For those determined to modify a JK bumper to fit a KK/KJ, you need to use something like this. DO NOT just bolt on to the kk/kj’s crossmember with the jk factory mounting points unless you never plan on using it for recovery.

How do I know if my Jeep is a YJ?

The easiest, and quickest, way to know if your Wrangler is a YJ is to look at the grille. Wrangler YJs were the first Jeep to offer square headlights instead of the traditional round ones.

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What does Jeep YJ stand for?

YJ stands for excellence in design!

Are CJ and YJ tubs the same?

The main difference between a CJ-7 and YJ body is the front grill, hood, and fenders. The rear tub, however, is very similar with the following differences: – The fuel fillers are on opposite sides to one another.