Quick Answer: Why don t car seats in Australia have chest clips?

Why are car seat chest clips illegal in Australia?

Chest clips on child car restraints are widely used in the US but are banned in Australia over concerns they may cause neck injuries in a crash.

Do Australian car seats have chest clips?

Australian standards also do not expressly disallow a chest clip, but car seat manufacturers down under, like European ones, do not habitually use a chest clip to keep the harness in position. There is no reason American and Canadian seats couldn’t use these methods, but, see Myth #2.

Are chest clips illegal in Australia?

Chest Clips are not allowed in Australia or to be used on any restraint manufactured under the combined Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1754. Chest Clips are a hard plastic device added to American Standard seats to prevent forward rotation of a child in the event of an accident.

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Why do some car seats not have chest clips?

European car seats, by regulation, require that the child can be removed from the car seat in a single motion; so having both a crotch buckle and chest clip would breach the European regulation. That’s one reason that European car seats don’t have a chest clip.

Are Houdini straps illegal in Australia?

Is it legal? Yes. The Houdini Stop has been officially crashed tested & reviewed by ACRI. The Houdini Stop is legally allowed to be purchased as an accessory, and used on a wide range of harnesses.

Should all car seats have a chest clip?

Child car seat manufacturers, although not required by law in the USA, incorporate the chest clip as a “pre-crash positioner”. The USA recognises that the gap under the harness enables toddlers to lever the harness off their shoulders by pushing their arms under the harness.

Where does the car seat chest clip go?

Since that’s the case, it’s important that the chest clip be properly positioned at the armpits to help ensure proper harness positioning. When the chest clip is correctly positioned at armpit height, it pulls the harness straps inwards to help make sure that the harness is properly aligned with a child’s shoulders.

Are chest clip car seats illegal in UK?

Chest clips

It is currently illegal to sell a child car seat in the UK, with a chest clip as part of the child seat. This is because our approval requirements state that a child must be released from the child seat in one movement.

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Can I use an Australian car seat in the US?

What matters the most is that the child-seat is securable to the seat in your US car. The Isofix standard is international (known as “LATCH” in the US) so provided it secures correctly you should be fine.

What is the purpose of the chest clip?

A chest clip is what we call a “Pre-crash positioner” and that means that it’s function is to position the harness correctly in the moments leading up to and at the time of impact in a crash.

What side do you put a carseat on in Australia?

Child car seats in Australia: the law

Children under six months must use a rear-facing child car seat with an inbuilt harness. Children aged six months up to four years must use a rear-facing or forward-facing child car seat with an inbuilt harness.

Why are American car seats illegal in Canada?

This is because it may no longer meet Health Canada’s requirements under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. If throwing out your old car seat strikes you as a waste, don’t take any risks, and contact Health Canada directly to check whether it can be used.

Do European cars have LATCH?

The LATCH system (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children), which allows you to install a car seat without using seat belts, also is not a worldwide requirement, though newer Canadian and European cars will have them (known as LUAS and ISOFIX, respectively).

Is LATCH and ISOFIX the same?

LATCH stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren.

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LATCH is known as ISOFIX in Europe and LUAS (Lower Universal Anchorage System) in Canada.

Are UK car seats legal in the US?

From Britax UK direct: “I can confirm that unfortunately, the legal requirements of the European and Federal Standards (USA/Canada) are incompatible so it is not legal for you to use a European approved child seat in the US/Canada or vice-versa.”