How much power does a 3 HP motor use?

What is the kW of a 3HP motor?

Three Phase Motors

1.1 kW 1.5 2.6
1.5 kW 2 3.4
2.2 kW 3 5
3.0 kW 4 6.5

What is the power consumption for HP motor?

So, 1 HP for 24 hour = 746×24= 17904 Watt-hour which is equal to 17904/1000= 17.904 units. Hence, 17.904 units of Power will be consumed by the 1 HP motor when run continuously for 24 hours.

How many volts is a 3 HP motor?

Single Phase 3 HP Motor, Voltage: 220 V.

What does 3 hp stand for?

3HP is one of several regimens CDC recommends for treatment of latent TB infection. The term 3HP comes from the regimen duration (once weekly doses for three months) and the abbreviations of each of the two drugs, isoniazid (INH) and rifapentine (RPT), in the regimen.

How do I calculate power?

Power is equal to work divided by time.

In this example, P = 9000 J / 60 s = 150 W . You can also use our power calculator to find work – simply insert the values of power and time.

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How many units of electricity will be consumed if we run a 3 HP 3 phase motors for 24 hours?

3HP is equivalent to 2.24kW. If you run the motor in full load for 24 hours then total kWh will be 2.24*24= 53.76 kWh. So if full load condition the motor will consume 53.76 unit of electricity.

How do you calculate the power consumption of a 3 phase motor?

Calculate the power the motor consumes while in operation. The equation is W = AV(sqrt 3) where A is amperes, V is volts, and sqrt 3 is the square root of 33 (about 1.73). W is the power consumption in watts. For example, if the electric motor uses 50 amps at 240 volts, the wattage is 50 x 240 x 1.73, or 20,760 watts.

What is the weight for 3HP motor?

Quick Overview

SKU IK020102KSR0331
Weight (Kg) 41.0000
Frame Size RC-100L
HP 3
KW 2.2

What is 3HP power?

3 H.P= 3 horse power. 1 horse power=746 watts. 3 horse power. => 746×3. => 2238 watts.

How do I take 3HP?

3HP and 3RH: Benefits and Uses 3HP is a short-course TPT regimen that combines two antibiotics active against TB, INH and RPT. 3HP is taken once a week for 12 weeks (12 doses in 3 months). It has proven effective and safe for PLHIV and their household contacts >2 years old.

How do you calculate motor horsepower?

The equation to calculate horsepower is simple: Horsepower = Torque x RPM / 5,252.

How strong is a 1 hp motor?

A power level of 1 hp is approximately equivalent to 746 watt s (W) or 0.746 kilowatt s (kW).