Best answer: Will a c4 transmission fit a 302?

What transmission will fit a Ford 302?

you can use the T5 from a 302 mustang, an AOD or even the c4 if overdrive is not an issue. the T5 can be converted to bring the shifter farther forward.

What does a C4 transmission fit?

The Ford C4 is also called the Dual-Range Cruise-O-Matic, FMX transmission and it was produced around 1964 and was used until 1981. Specifically, the vehicles that came with a C4 transmission were the Ford Bronco between 1973 to 1977, and the Ford F-series between 1965 to 1981.

What engines bolt to a C4 transmission?

It was primarily used with Ford’s inline six-cylinder engines and small V8 engines (see Ford Windsor engines), usually up to 302 in³ (5.0 L). By comparison, the 351 Windsor and 351 Cleveland small and intermediate-block engines were backed by the medium-duty FMX or the heavy-duty C6 that debuted in 1966.

How much HP can a C4 handle?

A properly built stock C4 can handle 400-450 hp, depending on torque curve, vehicle weight and use. Shock loading is what kills it, IME.

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What transmission bolts up to 302?

You can use a C4, FMX, or C6 as long as they have the SBF bolt pattern. Unless you really build up the engine the C4 should be good. You could use a AOD, but they can be hard to dial in.

Will a T5 transmission fit a 302?

An Deluxe T5 Transmission Conversion Kit will retrofit your 1969 Mustang with a 289, 302 or 351 engine. In order to accomplish the conversion, the kit utilizes late model bellhousing and cable linkage.

Are all C4 transmissions the same?

A redesigned C4 valve body and transmission case came along in 1970, which was used for the C4’s production life through 1981. In Drive, the C4 shifts the same as the Dual-Range at the large green dot with a normal 1-2-3 upshift program and the same gear ratios throughout.

Is a Cruise O Matic a C4?

Because the original Ford-O-Matic started in second rather than first, it was marketed as a two-speed after the new three-speed transmissions were introduced. Production continued until it was replaced by the C4 in 1964 in smaller Ford and Mercury vehicles.

Will a C4 transmission fit a 351?

Registered. yes. the 351C uses the same bellhousings as the small blocks. However, one thing to remember is if you build up the engine much or plan on racing the stock C4 is a weaker transmission than a C6.

When did Ford stop making the C4 transmission?

In 1967, Ford phased out the Dual-Range C4 Cruise-O-Matic, going to a more conventional valvebody and shifter with a P-R-N-D-2-1 shifter pattern that was easy to use. Placing the shifter in “D” delivered a normal 1-2-3 upshift. Moving it to 1 or 2 got you a lower gear range for slower driving or towing.

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What is the difference between a C4 and C10 transmission?

The C4 has a more sharply angled, thicker, squarish flange to which the bell-housing is bolted. The C10 has a curved, blended radius on the case where it meets the bell-housing. Also, in the C4 the bell-housing is fixed to the transmission case by the pump bolts.

Does a C4 transmission have overdrive?

The Ford C4 and C6 transmissions are two of the best performing, most durable transmission ever built. By adding a Gear Vendors Under/Overdrive to these transmissions you have an unbeatable package far superior to any factory overdrive automatic and with 6 close ratio gears for performance.

Can you beef up a C4 transmission?

Ford’s C4 Cruise-O-Matic transmission is the most reliable automatic Ford has ever produced. It is simple by design. In fact, it is so simple you can tear it down and rebuild it in your home garage using the Ford Shop Manual because no special tools are required.

How do I tell what year my C4 transmission is?

The easiest way is to check the transmission identification tag, which is located under one of the servo bolts on the passenger-side servo. On some transmissions the tag may be located under one of the driver-side servo bolts. There should be a series of numbers and letters which tell what year it is.

How much HP can a C6 handle?

According to Kokonis the company uses stock input shafts for applications up to 1,000 hp. Pushing past that limit requires the CK Performance billet input shaft. Other standard modifications are stronger C6 planetary carriers.

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